Experience As Much As You Know

Preparation for the Journey

The first time you encounter a new and unfamiliar environment, you are always clumsy. Your senses are busy taking in new information. New color, smell, sound, taste, temperature, touch… Our bodies sense unfamiliarity even with small differences. The energy consumption of trying to adapt to an unfamiliar environment prevents travelers from experiencing their travel destination. Knowing the right information and hints on your travel destination minimizes energy consumption and amplify your experience. Travelers feel a sense of accomplishment when they discover the information they have studied before visiting the location, and they also have a proactive experience looking for them.

We introduce our first theme to this journey, the DMZ, which introduces travel destinations where visitors can experience the DMZ indirectly. In order to effectively amplify this “indirect” experience so that you can feel the DMZ more effectively, we are going to introduce a series of contents called “experience amplifiers” that give you appropriate information and hints about the DMZ. The contents that are interesting around the DMZ were selected.




envision your travel

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envision your travel

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