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Pavel-to-DMZ Content 2. Dr. Forest

We would like to introduce an educative animation Dr. Forest created by Lee Hye Gi(executive director)and Sim Hee Jung(production planner), as the second content of pavel-to-DMZ. Instead of reading my boring explanation, please invest your 12 min for watching this videos. After watching, you can find yourself sitting on your haunches and observing insects during your travel.

Episode 1 ( 6m 11s),

Episode 2 (5m 35s),

Pavel-to-DMZ Content 1. The second story of Gazi-Gazi <Demilitarized Zone>

I saw a documentary before called <Rabbit à la Berlin, 2009> that tells the story of the 120km-long space between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War that became a paradise for wild rabbits without human intrusion. This…

Preparation for the Journey

The first time you encounter a new and unfamiliar environment, you are always clumsy. Your senses are busy taking in new information. New color, smell, sound, taste, temperature, touch… Our bodies sense unfamiliarity even with small differences. The energy consumption of trying to adapt to an…

Pavel-to-DMZ Place 8. Camp Greaves Youth Hostel

When I was a student, I went to an amusement park earlier than the opening time. It was to run across the amusement park as soon as it opened, when no one is there, to the ride that usually had a waiting time…

Pavel-to-DMZ Place 7. Forest of Wisdom

The movie Being John Malkovich (1999), which was released over 20 years ago, tells a tale of the hero going into the head of a well-known person through a secret tunnel in the corner of the office. There are times when we really wonder…

Pavel-to-DMZ Place 6. Art Center White Block

The green scenery was enveloping the white building with fogged-up windows, as if they were covered with fog. This is about Art Center White Block, which greets us under the blazing sun. Like the meaning in white paper, and white canvas, white is…

Pavel-to-DMZ place 5. Raw Gallery X Seahyun Lee Studio

I visited Low Gallery in Paju Book City. I was waiting for artist Seahyun Lee in front of the sign, where the word “RAW” was written as if spray-painted on. Though I thought he would be a raw person, what I…

Pavel-to-DMZ Place 4. NONBAT Art School

Because of it being a school, I smartened myself up, and entered the place ready to learn about art and farming, but this wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t such a hard place to be in. The slogan “Farming is Art” stands right out.

To put…

Pavel-to-DMZ Place 3. Think Green Cafe

It has been a while since I’ve seen a real-live chicken, not fried chicken on a plate. The animals in the city were dogs out on a walk, street cats, and pigeons that no one likes. Though as a child, I have heard stories…


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